You can produce engaging 'done in one' short videos incorporating presentations and to-camera delivery in a range of combinations in one of Monash’s many Microstudios. Lighting and camera settings are handled automatically, with all video saved directly to a thumb drive as a media file suitable for uploading and sharing.

Currently there are MEI MicroStudios across the Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula campuses. The basic Microstudio contains a single camera, while and the advanced studios have two additional cameras for variable viewing angles, and a teleprompter.

At this stage the MicroStudio on Level 2 in the Learning and Teaching Building can only be used by staff members who currently have swipe-card access into the main office area outside the  MicroStudio on Level 2.

Please do not use the studio (or Monash) if you have any COVID symptoms or are feeling unwell. Review the following guidelines linked below and ensure you follow them to keep the MicroStudio clean and safe against the risk of COVID-19 propagation.

Click here to read the COVID-19 Microstudio use guidelines

These quick guides provide an overview of the features of the MicroStudio as well as general tips of filming video:

Preparing for your recording session

Saving your recording
You will need a USB thumb drive, formatted for FAT-32 (this is the default for most flash drives)

Preparing for your presentation
You can use a separate thumb drive, or the same drive you use for recording. If you use the same drive, copy your presentation to the desktop in the Studio. Alternatively, you can bring your own laptop with an HDMI connection or adaptor. This is especially useful if you want to demonstrate any specialist software. The recording is in a widescreen 16:9 format, so it’s best if your presentation is at the same ratio.

Using a teleprompter
There is an iPad available in the Advanced Microstudios pre-loaded with the Teleprompt+ app. This app allows you to load a script and play it directly in front of the camera, at the speed you choose. You will need to connect the prompter software to your Google Drive or Dropbox to import your script. Don’t forget to log out of the iPad at the end of your session.

Booking a Microstudio

Intellectual Property and Copyright

When using content that you haven't produced yourself, remember that copyright restrictions cover what you are allowed to include in a video, and these rules are different to the rules for print. If you are in doubt, check with Monash Copyright.

Some options for finding free-to-use content include: