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Here are some relevant resources that can support you in using Echo360 and gain strategies for online and hybrid teaching.


Teach and engage through video conferencing, virtual classroom and collaboration tools. You can use this tool as an alternative to Echo360.

eSolution resources

Video conferencing and video teaching

Learn more about broadcasting a lecture to one or more rooms, across multiple campuses or partner institutions.

Learning spaces with video conferencing

Access resources and room specific guides for both Cisco and web conferencing systems.

Recording lectures online

Lectures at Monash are recorded using the Echo360 Learning Capture platform, which is integrated with Moodle and Syllabus+. This resource provides technical guidance on how to use the Echo360 spaces and platform.

Training from Echo360

Inserting an interactive activity into your Echo360 presentation

This webpage provides you a list of guides to support you in creating slides and presentations in Echo360. Here you can learn how to add polling questions and add media.

Uploading a presentation to Echo360

This Echo360 resource shows you how to upload, import, and create a presentation in the platform.

Inserting media into your Echo360 presentation

A media slide contains content from a web page or image. You can create a media slide by simply specifying a URL. Echo360 then auto-embeds the content of that web page into the media slide. This guide shows you the steps to add media to your presentation.

Definitions of Course Analytics Metrics

This Echo360 guide provides you detailed information on how the analytic metrics work in the platform. You will learn more on the attendance percentage, total engagement, weighted engagement percentage, video view, slide views and much more.

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