Related resources

Here are some relevant resources that will help support you in implementing an effective feedback practice into your teaching.

Marking, grading and rubrics

This section examines how to mark consistently through the appropriate application of criteria, moderation practices and related technologies.

Feedback for learning: Closing the assessment loop 

Learn more about effective assessment feedback practices at the Feedback for learning: Closing the assessment loop website - designed to deliver an empirically based study of feedback designs and conditions to guide educators, academic developers and instructional designers, as well as institutional policy. This site is supported by large scale data highlighting patterns of success, and case studies of feedback designs to demonstrate how success can be achieved.

Framework for effective feedback

This is a quick guide that provides you with a definition of feedback and some key principles for effective feedback.

What makes for ineffective feedback?

This article by Phillip Dawson highlights the top eight ways to make feedback ineffective or even destructive, while providing some strategies to avoid them.

The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education: Improving Assessment Outcomes for Learners 

This book provides insights and practical strategies into how you could design and integrate feedback into your teaching practice. The authors challenge you to ask two fundamental questions: when does feedback make a difference, and how can you recognise that impact? This volume draws together leading international researchers across diverse disciplines, offering promising directions for both research and practice.

Peer feedback word diagram

Here is an external resource providing a quick one page guide on how to give peer feedback.

Relevant policies & procedures

Monash has specific policies and procedures related to providing students feedback in their assessments. Take the time to review these to inform your teaching practice.

Feedback Responsibilities according to Policy and Procedures

The new Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy comes into full effect on 1 January 2021. To support you during this period of change, we've outlined key information and changes that are associated with the seven procedures and what they may mean for your work. This website highlights the key information and includes a downloadable workbook explaining the key responsibilities.

Assessment in Coursework Units: Feedback Procedures

This procedure applies to all coursework units and provides guidelines on timing of feedback, feedback modes, quality of feedback, how to manage requests for additional feedback, feedback on end-of semester assessment, and using feedback to inform your teaching practice.

Assessment in Coursework Units Policy

This general assessment policy provides an overview of the vision for assessments, defines the main assessment types and links out to all assessment relevant procedures such as the one on feedback procedures.

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