Embed an H5P activity from your content bank

  1. Navigate to the location in Moodle where you would like to embed your H5P activity.
  2. In the ATTO text editor, click on the H5P icon.

    Note: You must be using the ATTO text editor to use the H5P embed icon. For more information, see selecting your default text editor.
  3. In the file picker window, under the content bank tab in the left hand menu, you will be able to select from H5P activities which have been added or uploaded to the content bank.
  4. Click on the H5P activity to select it. The Insert H5P window will appear.
  5. Once you have selected your .h5p file, make sure to select Create an alias/shortcut to the file. This means if you update your H5P activity at a later date, the changes will automatically be reflected in the embedded H5P.
  6. Under H5P options, you can enable options including allow download (reuse button), embed button or copyright button.
  7. Click Insert H5P to insert the H5P activity into your Moodle activity or resource.

    Note: If you have selected the incorrect H5P file, click Browse repositories to change your selection via the file picker window.
  8. Click Save and display. Your selected H5P activity will now be embedded in your Moodle resources or activity.