Embed a video in Moodle with Panopto

Panopto allows you to easily upload and embed videos directly into Moodle anywhere a text editor function is available. For example, in your Moodle unit, you could use Panopto to embed:

  • A welcome message and introduction to the unit
  • Introductions to weekly learning content
  • Videos illustrating technical information or complex procedures and concepts
  • Student feedback

It is recommended that you use Panopto to embed videos instead of uploading video files in Moodle, as Panopto videos allow students to view videos without downloading video files, take notes, and have the benefit of comprehensive viewing analytics and statistics.

  1. Navigate to the location in Moodle where you would like to embed a video.
  2. In any text editor where embedding video is enabled, click on the Panopto icon.
    Note: Depending on your editor and device, the Panopto icon might appear in a different position.
  3. An 'Insert from Panopto' window will appear, you can:

Embedded video view

Embedded Panopto videos in Moodle will have the all the same features as the full-screen Panopto viewer. Click on each icon to learn more about the different features available to students, including the table of contents, notes and discussion.