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Group and peer assessment

View this resource to learn how to use collaborative activities to effectively develop and assess skills, knowledge and attributes.


Learn to provide effective feedback within formative and summative assessment to improve student outcomes and learning.

Marking, grading and rubrics

Use this resource to support you in marking consistently through the appropriate application of criteria and moderation practices.

Academic integrity

Explore academic integrity principles, policies and procedures

Faculty-specific resources on group and teamwork

The following resources produced by individual Monash faculties outline the pedagogical background, design, and delivery approaches for teamwork tasks, with specific focus on discipline needs.

Teamwork design - Faculty of MNHS

This guide, written for staff, provides guidelines for managing group and team work in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Guidelines for Teaching with Student Teams - Monash Business School

This guide, written for staff, provides guidelines for managing group and team work in the Monash Business School.

Relevant policies & procedures

Monash has specific policies and procedures related to collaborative learning. Take the time to review these to inform your teaching practice.

Learning and teaching policy

This guide provides a clear and concise definition of academic integrity: The moral code of academia that involves using, generating and communicating information in an ethical, honest and responsible manner.

Assessment and academic integrity policy

This policy describes the principles of assessment at Monash University to maintain academic standards of student achievement, support students in their academic development and uphold standards of academic integrity.

Marking and feedback procedure

This procedure outlines processes and principles for marking, blind marking, second marking, double marking, provision of feedback, quality assurance, finalising results, responsibilities, and re-marking requests. It also details security and record keeping for marked assessments.

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