Send and receive messages

You can use the Messaging function to communicate with one or more individual students, with a group, or with all course participants. Your message is delivered in a pop-up window to recipients who are logged in to Moodle at the time the message is sent, and is sent as an email to recipients who are not logged in. Messaging is a means of communicating privately with individuals.

Sending messages

You can send messages to individual, multiple or groups of students. If you would like to message all students in your class, making a forum post may be more suitable. For more information, see Forums.

  1. In the Nav Drawer, click on Participants.
  2. Select individual or multiple students with the checkboxes in the Select column


  3. Use the dropdown list to filter by role or group and click Select ALL
  4. From the With selected… drop down list, select Send a message.
  5. A message pop-up window will appear.
  6. Type your message into the box and when finished, click Send message.

    NOTE: If you check the Send email immediately...

  7. You’ll receive a green notification to confirm that the message was sent, click the (x) to remove it.
  8. Sent Messages and subsequent replies will now appear in your messages drawer.

Messaging options

Once you have started a message thread, there are a number of options to manage conversations in the message drawer.

  1. To view a message thread, click on it.

  2. You can write a reply message in the Write a message text box, then click the arrow icon to send.
  3. You can also include emojis in your message with the smiley face(emoji) icon. From the Emoji picker window, click on an emoji to select it. You can filter emojis by theme with the tabs along the top row, or use the search bar. Once an emoji is selected, you will see a larger preview and the text description of the emoji.

  4. With the ellipses icon (...) you can choose a number of actions:

  • View user info: You can perform a few different options for the user depending on your role in the unit.
  • Star conversion: Star a private message thread to make them easily accessible in the starred section.
  • Block user: If you do not want this user to be able to contact you, and you would like to stop receiving their messages.
  • Mute conversation: If you would like to stop receiving notifications for a message thread.
  • Delete conversation: Remove a message thread from your messages drawer. Please note,
    1. You will receive a prompt to confirm you would like to delete the message thread.
    2. Click Delete to delete the message thread.
  • Add to contacts: You can add a person to your contacts to send them messages directly from the message drawer. This can be useful for contacts you will contact frequently.
    1. You will receive a prompt to confirm you would like to add the user as a contact.
    2. The user will receive an Add to contact request. You will be added to each other's contact lists when the user accepts your request.