Supporting your students

How to support your students

Here are some ways that you can support your students when using Echo360.

Before the lecture or seminar:

  • Provide instructions on how to access the recorded lectures in Moodle
  • Provide clear instructions in Moodle on when and how to access the live-stream lecture session in Echo360
  • Provide a link to how to navigate the platform and ask questions in the discussion panel

During the lecture or seminar:

  • Engage students by asking them questions via the Echo360 interactive question types.
  • If your room has a video camera, turn it on to encourage teacher presence for online students when live-streaming
  • Have a moderator support you with managing the online discussion and questions. View the Online Moderation resource for more information on how to implement this.

After the lecture or seminar:

  • Let students know when and how to access the lecture recordings. Students access the live stream using the same Echo link that is used to access recorded lectures. In the Echo360 class list, a currently live streaming lecture is indicated by the Green LIVE badge. A future lecture that is scheduled to live stream will have a grey LIVE badge beside it.
  • Let students know they can view recordings this via the Echo360 mobile app
  • Let students know that Echo360 Learning Capture does not provide student access to past years' recordings unless requested by academic staff. Students who wish to access recordings from the previous semester should contact the current unit lecturer/coordinator for approval. If granted then the Lecturer/coordinator will need to request access via Service Desk Online.

What resources and services are available to students

Share the following links with your students. These can be added to your Moodle page under the appropriate sections.

Live-streaming @ Monash

This 2min30sec video introduces Monash students to live-streaming and Echo360.

Learning and teaching tools: Live-streaming

This student facing resources explains how to access their live-streaming lecture via the Echo360 platform, how to Syncing during Live-streams, how to Ask questions during a live-stream, and how to view classroom discussions.

What is live streaming?

This Monash Connect resource answers a series of questions around live-streaming and using Echo360. Here students can get an answer on what live-streaming is about.

What happens if I'm late for my live streaming session?

This Monash Connect resource answers what happens if students are late to the live-stream session and how they can access the section they missed.

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