Display LaTex notation

If LaTex notation fails to compile, you can troubleshoot LaTex notation display in Moodle using filters.

  1. Click on the Unit administration cog in the top right hand side of your unit.
  2. Select Filters.

  3. Switch the setting to Off from the dropdown list for TeX notation only. Do not change any other filter settings. 

Display LaTex notation on its own line

To compile LaTeX notation in Moodle, enclose equations with a pair of backward slash and square brackets, \[ and \] or a pair of double dollar signs $$ (older syntax). It is recommended that you use the backward slash and square bracket pair \[ and \] as the newer syntax checks for mistyped equations and better adjusts vertical spacing. You can insert additional spaces in the equation using a single backward slash \.

Example LaTex notation and its compiled form

$$ x\ =\ \frac{\sqrt{144}}{2}\ \times\ (y\ +\ 12) $$

\[ x\ =\ \frac{\sqrt{144}}{2}\ \times\ (y\ +\ 12) \]

Display notation in-line with text

To display LaTex notation in-line with text, enclose equations with a backward slash and round bracket pair, \( and \).

Example LaTex notation compiled to display in-line with text

The point \( \left( {{x}_{0}}+\frac{1}{p\left( {{x}_{0}} \right)}\ ,\ \frac{q\left( {{x}_{0}} \right)}{p\left( {{x}_{0}} \right)} \right) \) is located...