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Using Zoom for teaching workshop recording

Watch the Zoom training session presented by Heath Graham (55 min). You can also download the slide here.

Online moderation

This guide provides some useful strategies for online moderation.

Zoom conferencing

This eSolutions guide provides information on how to install Zoom, some important settings, and key strategies of how to stay cyber safe when using Zoom.

Learning spaces with video conferencing

This eSolutions guide allows you to search learning spaces across Monash campus to find out the room capacity, whether it is a web or cisco enabled room and obtain the room guide for using the technology in the room.

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)

As an alternative to using Zoom, you can also use MS Teams to run unscheduled meetings or get students to work together in an online space.

Google Meets

You can also use Google meets for creating video meetings with students or get students to work in a group together and collaborate in Google Meets. However, Zoom remains the preferred technology for online lectures, tutorials, and other online live teaching activities as the video quality and number of participants is better suited.

Draw inspiration

Increasing interactive learning with technology

This MEA module provides examples and strategies about how to create more interactive learning activities using technologies.

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