What is Gradebook?

Moodle Gradebook is a place to structure the assessments for your unit and to provide a central location where students can view their grades. It also functions as a source for all grades to be exported to Callista by administrators.

Moodle Gradebook is a valuable function of the Moodle platform and should be set up prior to the commencement of a unit. Each unit has its own Gradebook and all activities within the unit (e.g. assignments, quizzes) will automatically appear in your Gradebook. Within the Gradebook they can be organised and the assessment requirements applied. Setting up your Gradebook correctly makes life easier for students, academics, and administrators.

Benefits of using Gradebook?

  • One location where all grade information is stored
  • Grades can be linked to certain Moodle activities
  • Can add hurdle requirements into Gradebook
  • Can import marks from a spreadsheet
  • Student final results can easily be exported to Callista
  • Students can access the grades you choose to share

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