Echo360 Statistics and analytics

Echo360’s analytics page provides aggregated statistical information about student’s online engagement and participation for each recorded lecture in your unit.

Note: Only lectures that have occurred will appear in the analytics page. Scheduled future recordings will not have any recorded data. As recordings occur, data is recorded and added to the Analytics page. This data is updated daily, and it may take some time for new data to be reflected.

To access the analytics page, click on the analytics tab in the top right menu.

Class view

Select Classes from the left hand side menu.

You will see a colour coded "at a glance" breakdown of engagements, including notes, Q&A responses and slide views. Each lecture is represented by a bar in the graph. You can hover over each bar for more information.

This information is presented in grid-view at the bottom of the analytics page and contains some additional statistical information. You can sort data by clicking any column headers, click again to reverse the sort order. You can also export the data by clicking the Export button.

Live-stream views are represented by Attendance percentage. If a student 'enters the online classroom' during the live-stream, this is recorded as having attended the lecture and is not recorded as a ‘video view’. The attendance percentage shows the percentage of students in your unit that watched the live stream of the lecture.

Live-stream views are NOT recorded in 'Video views’. ‘Video view’ records the number of times students have clicked into the lecture recording AFTER the live stream has ended.

A live-viewer counter is currently on Echo’s feature development roadmap.

Student View

Select Students from the left hand side menu.

You will see student participation data for all students in the unit, rolled up across all lectures. You can view student engagement for individual lectures  from the drop down list.

For more information about the metric definitions, see Metric definitions.