Add Quiz questions

Once you have created your quiz and set up the required properties, you can create new quiz questions from scratch or choose to add existing questions to your quiz from the Question bank, a database containing previously created quiz questions or questions imported from another unit.

Watch this video on how to add quiz questions

Add quiz questions

  1. From your unit page, click on your quiz title.

  2. Click either on the settings icon in the top right and select Edit quiz or select Edit quiz on the page.

  3. To add a question to your quiz, click the Add icon situated on the right hand side.

There are three ways you can add questions:

  • Create a new question: Use this option if you want to create a new quiz question not previously created elsewhere.
  • Create from Question bank: Use this option if you have already created all your questions in the question bank.
  • Create a random question: You can use this option to randomly select questions from a category within the Question Bank.