Manage Results

The Manage Results page enables the ability to apply mark/grade overrides, add comments and confirm results are validated in readiness to send to Callista at the end of a teaching period. The validation step is a critical action to be completed on this page as results can only be sent to Callista once confirmed by a Unit Coordinator or Chief Examiner as validated.

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User access for Manage Results

To access the Manage Results page you must be assigned the Chief Examiner or Unit Coordinator role in Moodle. The Manage Results page can also be viewed (View Only mode) by those assigned the Lecturer or Non Primary Lecturer role. View Only mode does not allow changes to student results, adding comments or confirming results are validated. For assistance with roles in Moodle, please contact your Faculty Moodle administrator.

Prior to accessing Manage Results

Before accessing the Manage Results page, ensure that the marks and grades are correct in the Grader report and that your Moodle Gradebook is set up correctly. The following requirements must be met:

  • The maximum grade of the unit MUST equal 100
  • The minimum grade of the unit MUST equal to 0
  • The Moodle site MUST have at least one unit offering that has at least 1 active student enrolled
  • The unit total MUST be unlocked
  • The unit grading schema is set to Standard or PGO/NGO
  • The grade recalculation button on the Gradebook Setup page must not be paused.

If one or more of the requirements are not met you will see a warning message indicating which criteria must be met before you can proceed to the Manage Results page. For more information, see Set up the Moodle Gradebook.

If the weighting total of the Gradebook Setup does not equal 100%, a blue information message will display when you navigate to the Manage Results page:

Total weight of all items in the gradebook setup is not equal to 100. It is recommended that you verify the gradebook setup before validating the Results.

This message can be closed and will not prevent you from validating results and submitting results to Callista.

Additionally, Moodle only supports one teaching period at any time in a single Moodle site (as per the unit offering enrolment from Callista). A combination of teaching periods (enrolments for S1-01 and S2-01) in a single Moodle site will cause errors in results submission to Callista. Please ensure that Callista enrolments added to Moodle site are all for the same teaching period and that students are only added to your Moodle site via the unit offering from Callista. For further assistance, contact your Faculty Moodle administrator.

Navigate to Manage Results page

  1. To navigate to the Manage Results page, click the administration cog on the right hand side of the unit banner and select Manage Results.

  2. Alternatively, click on the navigation drawer in your unit’s top left corner and click on Grades.

  3. Click the Results tab, by default the Manage Results tab will be displayed.

  4. The Manage Results interface will display results for the list of students as per the unit offerings associated with your Moodle site. Click on the plus icons to learn more about each component of the Manage Results interface or read a text version in the accordion below (left to right).