Supporting your students

There are a number of ways that you can support your students when it relates to Moodle gradebook. One is by being aware of what students see when they view their gradebook, also by being explicit with students on the expectations around viewing grade items and finally by sharing resources with students so that they know how to access their grades.

How to support your students

Students who are using Moodle gradebook for the first time should be provided with some additional information and guidance so that they know how to retrieve their grades, where they can find their feedback and how and when their grade will be revealed.

Here is a visual of what students see when they retrieve their grades. Here they will see a clickable list of items, the grade and any feedback, unless it has been hidden. Note that students will only see their own grades and will not have access to grades of other students.

What resources and services are available to students

Getting started - Moodle

This Library guide provides an overview on how to use Moodle, how to login, navigate, see assignment, view assignment feedback and grades, quizzes, forums and how to use the text editor. It contains a short video on Monash Moodle introduction.

Viewing feedback and grades

This Library guide provides students with an overview on how to access their grade and feedback.

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