Faculty contacts

Monash University faculties and institutes have Educational Designers and Technologists who provide support for faculty-specific guidelines, design templates and technology needs. For some faculties, the role of educational design and faculty administrator is combined.

Learning Systems Administrators

For unit administration, Moodle support and faculty-specific technological support, contact your faculty's Learning Systems administrator.

Faculty/team name Contact email Contact number(s)
Arts Arts-Moodle@monash.edu 990 24577 (Andrew Williams)
Arts, Design and Architecture MADA.Education@monash.edu 990 34449 (MADA Education Designer)
BusEco buseco.moodle@monash.edu 990 58651(Siobhan Gallagher)
Education Edu-TeachingandLearning@monash.edu 990 20032 (Sarah Higginbotham)
990 23402 (Joe Hayes)
Engineering eng-engine@monash.edu
990 55976 (Nik Alksnis)
Information Technology FIT.FLEX@monash.edu 990 52462 (Rajib Uddin)
Law Law-AcademicServices@monash.edu 990 58020 (Law Academic Services)
Medicine, Nursing and  Health Science med-elearning@monash.edu Please contact via email
Pharmacy pharm.moodle@monash.edu 990 39303 (Eddie Bugaj)
Science barb.macfarlan@monash.edu
CC: sci-physics-teaching-admin-l@monash.edu
990 59792 (Barb Macfarlan)
990 59255 (Matthew Leong)
Library lib-dlt-l@monash.edu Please contact via email
Monash College Prateek.Jindal@monashcollege.edu.au 990 20748 (Prateek Jindal)
990 20762 (Divya Srinivas)
Monash MalaysiaEric.Tstan@monash.edu5514 6000 (Eric Tan)
Monash IndonesiaAnddy.Steven@monash.eduAnddy.Steven@monash.edu

Educational Designers

For teaching and learning advice, faculty-specific templates and guidelines, support with educational design and delivery and professional development opportunities, contact your Faculty Educational Designers. For some faculties, the role of educational design and faculty administrator is combined. If your faculty is not listed, refer to the Learning Systems Administrators contact details above.

Faculty/team name Contact email/person
BusEco General enquiries: buseco-teaching-learning@monash.edu
Deb McCormick

Dept. Accounting, Econometrics and Business
Julie Luu

Dept. Management, Economics, BEX units
Kris Nagy

Dept. Marketing, Business Law and Taxation
Tristan Cui
Engineering General enquiries: eng.onlinelearningsystems@monash.edu
Law General enquiries: law.edudes-l@monash.edu
Multimedia support: law-multimedia@monash.edu
Medicine, Nursing and Health Science General enquiries: med-elearning@monash.edu
Allie Ford
Dana Bui

Public Health and Preventive Medicine(Postgrad courses)
Nash Petropoulos

Biomedicine Discovery Institute
Scott Clarke
Frances Broomhead

Nursing and Midwifery
Liesl Henrich
Michelle Jacobs
Ruebn Hopmans

School of Psychological Sciences
Yogita Ahuja

Monash Malaysia (Education Excellence) Eric Tan (Eric.Tstan@monash.edu)
Raden Yusnaidi
Monash IndonesiaAnddy Steven (Anddy.Steven@monash.edu)
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences General enquiries: Pharm.moodle@monash.edu
Thao Vu
Stefan Huth