Turnitin is a text-matching software that can assist students in improving their academic writing skills, and enhance academic integrity. It is integrated with Moodle and works by comparing the text components of submissions, such as essays or reports, against an extensive database of past student submissions, websites, and publications including journal articles and government reports.

Similarity reports

Turnitin produces similarity reports that highlight similarities between submitted work that closely matches existing sources, as well as indicating the sources of the matched text. Pay close attention to the sources of the similarities to determine whether a student has engaged in plagiarism. Turnitin should NOT be regarded as a “plagiarism detector”. It is simply a tool that assists educators to make their own final judgement in alignment with Monash University's standards of academic integrity.

Monash policies around using Turnitin

Monash’s Student Academic Integrity Procedure requires all text-based assessment tasks to be submitted through Turnitin, and Moodle Assignment is configured with Turnitin settings for drafting and submission by default. More information around this can be found on the Teach with Turnitin page. Other tasks, such as computer code, should be submitted through relevant software where this is provided by the faculty, e.g. MOSS or JPlag for code submissions in the Faculty of Information Technology.

Turnitin Paper View Requests

When papers are submitted to Turnitin and there is a similarity percentage with another paper (at any institution), it is possible for a user to request access to the paper with matching text. From time to time, you may receive requests from educators or administrators at other institutions who wish to view student work. Click here to view an example of a Turnitin Paper View Request.

Replying to the request for a student submission may result in an inadvertent breach of privacy, as papers can contain sensitive and identifying information that is not automatically redacted by Turnitin.

All requests for Paper View with Turnitin should be ignored and deleted without response.

This will not impact the ability of Turntin to look for similarity in papers submitted to the database. You can set up a filter in your Monash mailbox to filter out the Paper View Requests so that they skip your inbox. Download the Turnitin Paper View Request gmail filter and follow the instructions to import a gmail filter.

Education Performance Standards Framework

The Education Performance Standards identify the expectations of education practice at Monash – See the Education Performance Standards for more details.

Impact on student learning

Impact on educational knowledge

Impact on educational environment

Effective teaching and learning

Responsive program design

Student- centred orientation

Professional learning engagement

Pedagogical content knowledge

Education research performance

Education innovation

Education leadership

There is no direct mapping for this topic into the EPS, but appropriate use of the technology may align with one or more practice elements.

Examples of how Turnitin could align with Education Performance Standards include:

  • Design of assessment tasks that require students to submit work through Turnitin and reflect on the similarity report generated: this could align with effective teaching and learning, responsive p