Customise Moodle profile

Moodle provides you with a personal profile that describes you in all your Moodle units. Moodle Preferences allow you to decide your preferred settings.

Edit your profile

You can edit your profile information at any time.  You can choose to hide or display your email address, include a photo or an avatar, or add a link to your website.

To edit your profile open the User menu in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Profile or click on Preferences in the User menu then click on the Edit profile link under User Account.

User details

  1. Under User details select Edit profile

  2. In the User details screen you will be able to choose preferences for:
    1. Email display: Choose whether people can see your email address in your profile, only students in your unit, or no one.
    2. Your profile image: Drag and drop a small image of yourself. Images can be .gif .jpe .jpeg .jpg .png .svg .svgz formats and no larger than 2 GB.
    3. Optional information about yourself. Keep in mind that information in your profile is accessible to all users.

    Note: Some of your profile information can be viewed by other Moodle users. This includes Country, City/Town, Email address and Interests. Do not include inappropriate or private information as your profile may be viewed by other Moodle users.

  3. Click on the Update profile button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.