Display eAssessment grades to students

The eAssessment grade item automatically hides the grades and feedback and cannot be unhidden by any user in the Moodle Gradebook. However, you can reveal the eAssessment grade by using a seperate grade item and applying a calculation, if required.

Note: This method only works when the grade type of the assessment item is Value.

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook Setup. Open the navigation menu and select Grades.
  2. Select the Setup tab and then select Gradebook setup.

  3. Create a new grade item by selecting Grade item in the Create panel on the right hand side of the Gradebook setup. A pop-up window will appear.

  4. Give your Grade item a meaningful Item name to students, such as 'eAssessment result'. Then click Save.
  5. Change the weighting of your eAssessment grade item to 0% in the weighting column. This will prevent the students eAssessment grade being counted twice towards the final mark.
  6. Select your new eAssessment grade item with the checkbox. Once selected, the blue toolbar will appear at the top of the page.
  7. Click the calculator icon in the toolbar to apply a calculation. Using calculations, you can change the way the grade for an item is calculated. By making the eAssessment grade item equal to the original eAssessment grade sync activity, you can display the eAssessment grades to students through the grade item.
  8. If your eAssessment grade item does not have an ID number, give your eAssessment grade item a name or a number. Then scroll down and click Add ID numbers.
  9. In the calculation text box, enter =[[eAssessment ID number]]. This should match exactly what you entered for the ID number of your eAssessment grade sync activity.
  10. Click Save changes.
  11. Click on the Settings cog for your grade item.

  12. For Rescale exisiting grades, select Yes. Then click Save changes.

  13. The eAssessment grade should now be shown in the grader report for your students through the grade item that you have created.