Reuse H5P content

If you would like to copy the H5P object and use it in another Moodle unit, you will need to download and re-upload the object to the intended destination unit. You can upload it into the content bank, or directly into a graded H5P activity.

Download an existing H5P activity as a .h5p file

  1. Navigate to the H5P interactive activity you would like to download.
  2. Click Reuse at the bottom left of your H5P activity.

    Note: If you cannot see the Reuse icon, go into the H5P activity settings, under Display options, make sure the Display action bar and frame checkbox is ticked, before clicking Save.
  3. The H5P activity will be downloaded as a .h5p file.
  4. Save the file on your computer

Upload an existing H5P activity to the content bank

  1. Navigate to the Content bank (here is where you can access your H5P activities)

  2. Click Upload 

  3. Click and select a file from your computer or drag your .h5p file into the drop box.
    Note: You can only upload one .h5p file at a time.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once added to the content bank, you can embed your H5P in your Moodle unit with the ATTO text editor, for example inside a label, book or lesson. See Embed a H5P activity from your content bank.

Upload an existing H5P activity as a graded H5P activity

You can upload an existing H5P activity directly into a graded H5P activity(it will not be added to the content bank). For more information, see Graded H5P activity.

Rolling over H5P activities to a new unit

You can roll over the activities into a new Moodle unit, however there are some bugs that may arise when doing so. Please contact your faculty learning management systems administrator.