Zoom Webinars

Zoom offers two different types of virtual rooms that serve different needs, as outlined below. Monash licenses for Zoom are for Meetings, however a small number of licenses are available for Zoom Webinars. If you require a Zoom webinar account, please contact the Service desk.

How does a Zoom webinar work?

  • Zoom webinars function as a broadcast.
  • Webinar participants have fewer opportunities to engage in the session. The host is able to turn on/off their audio to allow them to speak.
  • Text chat works differently, supporting threading of questions and answers.
  • There are no breakout rooms in a Webinar.
  • Zoom Webinars can support up to 1000 participants.

Side by side comparison

To read more about specific features, click on the links provided.

Feature Zoom Meeting Zoom Webinar
Participant Roles
Audio sharing
  • All participants can be allowed to mute/unmute their own audio
  • Host can mute/request to unmute participants
  • The Host can set all participants to mute upon entry
  • Only the Host and panelists can mute/unmute their own audio
  • Attendees join in listen-only mode
  • The Host can unmute one or more attendees
Video sharing
  • All participants
  • Hosts
  • Panelists

Screen Sharing
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Enabled Enabled
Attendance capacity 300+ 500+
Participants list Visible to all participants Visible to Host and Panelists
ChatIn-Meeting ChatWebinar Chat
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--- Enabled
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Enabled Enabled
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Enabled Enabled
PollingMeeting pollingWebinar polling
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Enabled Enabled
Breakout Rooms
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Enabled ---