Import and export grades

You can import grades into Moodle Gradebook from an external spreadsheet if you have student grades for a grade item not linked to a Moodle activity, for example: Final exam results, oral presentations or musical performances, etc.

The best practice to import results into your Gradebook successfully is to export your existing gradebook first. Your exported spreadsheet file will contain all necessary fields and formatting. You can then modify your export file and then re-import grades into Gradebook.

It is recommended that you export as a Plain text file(CSV). CSV format is a format where the values are basic text divided by commas, which Moodle can easily recognise. This will save you the extra step of converting your files to CSV format before importing to Gradebook.

You can also export the Gradebook if you wish to keep a copy for your own records.

Where possible, it is recommended you grade through Moodle Gradebook. Moodle Gradebook is backed up daily and provides a greater level of transparency for students, if you want students to be able to track their own progress.

Export grades to an external spreadsheet

  1. From your unit homepage, expand the nav drawer with the menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select Grades.
  3. Select the Export tab and then Plain text file.

  4. In Grade items to be included, scroll down and select your final grade item.

    NOTE: You can scroll down to the bottom of the list and click select all/none to quickly deselect or select all grade items.

  5. Click Download. Your grade item spreadsheet will be downloaded onto your device as a CSV.

Modifying your grade CSV

  1. Navigate to where you have saved your file and Open the CSV file.
  2. Enter students' marks in the relevant columns.

    NOTE: If you are entering grades for an activity or resource that was not created in Moodle, you can create a column in the spreadsheet and map it to a new grade item in Moodle during the import stage later.

  3. Save your CSV file before closing.

Import grades to Gradebook

  1. From your unit homepage, expand the nav drawer with the menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. Select Grades.
  3. Select the Import tab, then select CSV file.

    NOTE: If your spreadsheet is not saved as a CSV, first save the file in .csv format before importing your spreadsheet.

  4. Drag your CSV file into the file window OR use the Choose a file icon.

  5. Check Force import if you want to overwrite any changes that may have been made to the grade item since the last export of the results.
  6. Then click Upload grades.
  7. You will see an import preview.
  8. Under Identify user by select email address for map from and map to.

    NOTE: In some instances, students may have multiple ID numbers. You MUST select a mapping field that is unique to each individual to avoid system errors, so it is strongly recommended that you use Email address in the mapping field.

  9. Under Grade item mappings, match the name of your grade item to the matching grade item column by selecting it from the drop down list. You only need to map the grade items columns you want to import grades for. For grade items on the spreadsheet you are not importing grades for, it is not necessary to map them and you can leave them on ignore.

    NOTE: If you have created a new column in the external spreadsheet, you can map this to a new grade item by selecting New Grade item from the drop down list.

  10. Click Upload grades. 
  11. You will receive a notice that your import has been successful.
  12. Click Continue.
  13. You will see that student grades have been imported into your unit's Gradebook.