Supporting your students

By following the strategies and recommendations found in this resource, you will already be supporting your students in having a more usable and friendly learning experience.

How to support your students

When setting up your Moodle site remember to do the following:

  • Chunk and scaffold content to guide students through the unit
  • Have clear headings and instructions for students
  • Create a clear flow and navigation throughout the unit
  • Use clear communication
  • Use images, colours and fonts consistently

Tell students how to navigate the Moodle unit

It would also help if you provided students with documentation or a video on how to navigate the Moodle unit and where to find key information. Also, let students know where they should go in Moodle to get announcements or where they can access all their assessment resources.

What resources and services are available to students

Here are some resources that you can share with your students in your Welcome page.

Moodle: Getting started

This Library guide provides an overview on how to use Moodle, how to login, navigate, see assignment, view assignment feedback and grades, quizzes, forums and how to use the text editor.

Moodle: Viewing feedback and grades

This Library guide provides students with an overview on how to access their grade and feedback.

Technical support

If students are experiencing technical issues, they can submit a request through the MyIT catalogue, or contact the ServiceDesk.

Draw inspiration

Behavioural Science meets online Learning

Dr Erin Leif uses the science of Behaviour Analysis to promote student engagement and knowledge transfer from classroom to professional practice, in a primarily asynchronous online learning environment.