Embed a graded H5P activity

You may want to embed a graded H5P activity in a Moodle Lesson, Book or page. If you would not like students to access your embedded activity from outside the resource it is embedded inside, you will need to set your activity to Available but not shown on the course page. To embed a non-graded H5P activity, see Embed H5P activity from the content bank.

  1. Create a graded H5P interactive activity. Ensure you have enabled the embed button in the H5P option settings as well as the Make available but not shown on course page in the availability setting. For more information, see Graded H5P activity.

  2. Once created, click Embed at the bottom left of your H5P activity.

  3. In Moodle, navigate to where you would like to embed the H5P activity, for example a page or lesson.
  4. In the text editor, Click on the Edit HTML icon.
    Note: If you do not see the Edit HTML icon, click on the expand toolbar icon in the top left of the text editor. (Top: TinyMCE editor(default), Below: ATTO editor)
  5. Paste the H5P embed code in the HTML window and click Update.
  6. When you are finished, click Save and return to the unit or Save and display.
  7. Your H5P interactive activity should now be embedded in your Moodle activity or resource.
  8. To make your H5P activity 'Available but not shown on course page'
    1. From the unit administration cog, Turn editing on.
    2. For your H5P activity, click Edit.
    3. From the Edit drop down menu, select Hide.
  9. Once hidden, click Edit again. The Edit drop down menu will now display additional actions.
  10. From the Edit drop down menu, select Make available.

NOTE: If you have multiple embedded graded H5P activities, you may want to create a topic or section containing your H5P activities and then make a topic or section Available but not shown on course page. All activities and resources inside the topic also become available but not shown on the course page. For more information, see the Stealth activity guide.