Supporting your students

Given the vast amount of Moodle activities and resources, students will need clear instructions and some guidance for navigating a Moodle page and engaging with activities and resources.

How to support your students

There are a number of ways that you can support your students with Moodle activities and resources.

  1. Review the unit page with students during the first week to demonstrate navigation of the site.
  2. Set expectations for engagement with activities and resources.
  3. Optimise the different features in Moodle to create learning paths that meet student needs by effectively sequencing resources and activities.
  4. Give sufficient instructions to direct students through the resources and activities.
  5. Use labels to chunk the activities, for example pre-class, in-class, post-class or discover, apply, explore and reflect.
  6. Provide scaffolding within and between activities so students can see the links between them.

Additional tips for structuring your Moodle site can be found here.

What resources and services are available to students

Moodle: Getting started

This Library guide provides an overview on how to use Moodle, how to login, navigate, see assignment, view assignment feedback and grades, quizzes, forums and how to use the text editor.

Moodle: Viewing feedback and grades

This Library guide provides students with an overview on how to access their grade and feedback.

If students are experiencing technical issues, they can submit a request through the MyIT catalogue, or contact the ServiceDesk.

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