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There are a number of additional guides and resources to support building Moodle activities and resources.

Moodle activity guides




Assignments can be used to assess and provide feedback for many types of student work including individual or group submissions, in-class work, online and/or file submissions.


The Attendance activity allows online marking of attendance. A teacher can take attendance, print reports and allow students to view their own record.


The Chat activity creates a space for you and your students to have real-time discussion.


The Choice activity in Moodle allows students to respond to a single multiple choice question.  You can view the number of responses and the responses.


The database activity allows you and your students to develop and search a bank of records entries.


The Feedback activity in Moodle allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from your students.


Forums allow participants to share and discuss concepts and ideas by posting comments.


The glossary activity in Moodle allows you and/or your students to build, display and search a list and its definitions, like a dictionary.

Group self-selection

The Group self-selection activity enables students to choose their own group within a grouping set for an activity.


H5P activities allow you to create a range of interactive content that can be embedded directly in Moodle, for example a 'Test your understanding' quiz within a book or lesson, or an information accordion within a label.


The Moodle Lesson activity presents content and questions that each student navigates through individually according to their responses to the questions or choices posed.


Using the Quiz activity in Moodle, you can create quizzes using multiple choice, true-false, matching and other question types.

Stealth activity

Stealth activities are Moodle activities (or resources) available to students but not shown on the Unit home page.


Turnitin is a Moodle-integrated similarity checking system.


The Wiki activity in Moodle allows you to enable participants to add and edit a collection of web pages individually or collaboratively.


Workshops are a student-focused learning activity that allows students to engage in peer review and assessment in a structured multi-part activity.

Moodle resource guides




A book is a multi-page resource that provides a table of contents.

Files and folders in Moodle

Folders may be added to Moodle to organise uploaded files.


Labels enable you to add additional text or graphics to your course page.


Pages function as a webpage, where text and content can be added.


A URL to link to a website displayed simply as a hyperlink on your Moodle page.

Additional Resources

Moodle setup

Learn how to configure your Moodle page through the use of blocks and settings.

Structuring Moodle

Use this guide to help structure your Moodle unit to plan and create a clear, consistent and dynamic flow to your unit.

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