Add and customise a Quiz

Watch this video on how to setup a Quiz

Add a Quiz

  1. Click Turn editing on in the top right corner of the unit banner.
  2. In the topic where you want to add a resource or activity, click +Add an activity or resource.
  3. Click Quiz from the list.

Customise a Quiz

  1. In the General section, give your quiz a name and description, such as learning goals or special instructions.
  2. In the Timing section:
    1. Set an opening and closing date and time for the quiz. Click Enable, and adjust the Open the quiz and Close the quiz fields as required.
    2. Set a time limit for the quiz if required. Click Enable and select the Time limit.
    3. If you choose to enable Time limit, you can use When time expires to control how the quiz behaves at the end of the set time.
    4. If you choose to enable Submission grace period, you can also select the length of grade period.
  3. In the Grade section:
    1. Set the Grade to pass
    2. Set allowed number of attempts for the quiz with Attempts allowed.
    3. If you enable multiple attempts, the Grading method option allows you to choose which of the attempts will be graded e.g. Highest, average, etc.
    4. By default Moodle sets the Maximum grade to 100.00 points even if the total of all individual questions is higher. You can change the maximum grade on the quiz questions page.
  4. In the Layout section:
    1. Use New page to select the number of questions displayed on each page.
    2. Click Show more to select the Navigation method which will determine how students will navigate through the quiz.
      1. Sequential: Questions will appear in the order they are displayed in on the Edit quiz page.
      2. Free: Students can skip questions and attempt them in any order by choosing.

        To restrict students from attempting a question until another question has been attempted first.

  5. In the Question behaviour section, you can:
    1. Shuffle within questions: Randomise the order that multiple choice responses are displayed in for each attempt.
    2. How questions behave: Control how students receive feedback and interact with quiz questions:
      • Adaptive mode or Adaptive mode (no penalties): Allows students to attempt a question multiple times before moving on. The question will adapt to the student's answer, for example, a hint will be provided.
      • Deferred feedback: Feedback will be given only once all questions have been answered and quiz has been submitted.
      • Immediate feedback: Feedback will be given after each question is submitted.
      • Interactive with multiple tries: Similar to Adaptive mode, after submitting an answer and receiving feedback, the student must click Try again. Once the correct answer is chosen, it can no longer be changed. After a set number of incorrect attempts, graded partially correct). Different feedback can be given after each student's attempt.
      • Deferred feedback with CBM or Immediate feedback with CBM: Allows certainty-based marking which requires students to indicate their surety of an answer e.g. not very sure, fairly sure etc. Their grading is then adjusted based on this.
    3. Allow redo within an attempt: This option becomes available if Immediate feedback or Interactive with multiple tries is selected in How questions behave.
    4. Each attempt builds on the last: This option becomes available if Attempts allowed in the Grades section are set to more than one.
      • If Yes, students are allowed to answer questions previously answered incorrectly. Note: Although students can attempt the quiz multiple times, they must answer the individual questions within the quiz once.
      • If No, students must answer all questions each time they attempt the quiz.

    If you want students to learn from the feedback i.e. students can check quiz questions and attempt the quiz multiple times.

  6. In the Review options section, you can control what information students can see when they review a quiz attempt or look at the quiz reports:
    1. During the attempt: This is only relevant for some behaviours, like interactive with multiple tries, which may display feedback during the attempt.
    2. Immediately after the attempt: The first two minutes after Submit all and finish is clicked.
    3. Later, while the quiz is still open: After the first two minutes once Submit all and finish is clicked and before the quiz closing date.
    4. After the quiz is closed: After the quiz closing date. If the quiz does not have a closing date, this state is never reached.
  7. In Overall feedback, you can create automatic generalised feedback for students based on their quiz grade.
    1. Enter feedback that students will receive once they have completed the quiz.
    2. Clicking on Add 3 more feedback fields will let you adjust the grade boundaries for multiple automatic feedback fields. Any unused fields will be deleted when you save the quiz settings.
  8. In Activity completion section, the following automatic activity completion conditions apply to the quiz when this option is selected:
    1. Require view: The student clicks on the quiz to view it.
    2. Require grade: The student obtains a grade.
    3. Require a passing grade: A 'Grade to pass' is specified for the quiz in the Grade settings.
    4. All available attempts completed: A certain number of attempts were allowed on the quiz and the student has completed them all.
  9. Once complete, click Save and display.