Record Zoom meeting

Zoom provides the ability to record a meeting. You can set up the meeting to either record automatically or on your own time.

Note: By default, Zoom records video in .mp4 format. You do not need to perform any video file conversion if recording a Zoom meeting.

The video below demonstrates from start to end how to record your Zoom meeting then upload it to Moodle using Panopto, as well as some other guidance about video files and formats.

Credit: Tim Scholl, Educational Designer, Faculty of Arts

Record your Zoom meeting

These instructions are for recording a video manually.

  1. Begin recording a Zoom meeting by clicking the Record icon in the toolbar. It is strongly recommended that you select Record to computer.

    NOTE: You will need to inform students that the session is being recorded. When a recording has started, students will have a pop up message asking for their permission to be recorded.

  2. You will see a Recording... indication in the top left corner. Participants will also see an indicator that the meeting is being recorded.

    NOTE: Dial-in participants will hear a message informing them that the meeting is now being recorded unless you have disabled this.

  3. If you have enabled participants to record, click Participants to check which participants are recording the meeting.

Pausing or Stopping your recording

You can pause or stop your recording at any time with the Pause/Stop recording icon in the bottom toolbar. You can stop your recording and start a new recording to record your meeting/video in shorter segments.

Pause: If you click Pause and then record again, this will be recorded in the same video file. When a recording is paused, a Recording Paused indicator will be displayed in the top left corner. You can resume recording with the Resume/Stop Recording icon in the bottom toolbar, or by clicking the indicator displayed in the top left corner.

recording paused indicator

Stop: If you click Stop and then record again, you will have separate recorded video files. Make sure to save each segment as a new file.

Record a video with Zoom

You can use Zoom as a video creation tool to enable you to record your presentation and upload it to Panopto for sharing with your students.

  1. Prepare your slides so that some space on the top or bottom right hand corner to place the your webcam visuals, as shown below.

  2. Once your slides are finalised, start a Zoom meeting by opening the Zoom app and clicking New Meeting. No scheduling is required.
  3. Before you record your presentation, it is a good idea to have at least one practice round so that you can work out the presentation flow with the technology.

    Here are some recommendations to consider when recording with a webcam:

    • Put your webcam at eye level or higher – experiment for best angles.
    • Have a light source in front of you and not behind.
    • Make eye contact with the webcam and avoid looking too much at the screen.
    • Remove distractions from your background - you want the audience to focus on you and not your background.
    • Use a USB microphone if possible for better sound quality.
    • You can read more tips in this short article: 7 tips on how to make your webcam videos look good.
  4. Set up your slides and webcam. If you want to share your slides, press Share Screen.

  5. Select the screen you want to share, then click Share. If slides are in presentation mode, make sure you are recording that screen. You will see a green frame around the screen you are recording.

  6. Move your webcam to the top or bottom right hand corner.
  7. When ready, click the Record icon. It is strongly recommended that you select record to your computer as you will be able to access your recordings immediately post-recording.
  8. You can pause or stop your recording at any time. You can stop your recording and start a new recording to film your video in shorter segments.

    Note: You cannot edit the video in Zoom, but you can easily edit your video in Panopto once you have uploaded it to Moodle. For more information see Sharing your Zoom recording in Moodle below.

  9. When you are finished, Click End the meeting. Your video will be ready once the conversion process has finished.

Saving your Zoom recording

Zoom will covert the recording once you have hit Stop recording or once the Zoom meeting has ended. Do NOT restart, shut down, close or put your device to sleep while your video is converting as this will interrupt the conversion process. If the meeting unexpectedly shuts down or if the conversion process is interrupted, the recording files could become corrupted and non-recoverable.

Depending on if you choose to Record to computer or Record to the cloud your recording will be stored on your computer or Cloudstor, an online cloud location.