Supporting your students

How to support your students

The support students need with Panopto will depend on how you plan on using it.

Provide clear instructions

If you are using it as a way to share videos with students, then it is important to provide sufficient instructions so they know when they should watch it, whether there is an embedded quiz or if there are any key points they should take from the video.

Make the video accessible

Adding closed captions to your videos will make videos more accessible for students and will be extra helpful for those who require additional language support.

Increase interactivity by adding quiz questions

Take advantage of the quizzing feature in Panopto to support students learning of the content by integrating questions to get them to think about the content, reflect on the concepts or test their knowledge.

Provide support materials if students are using Panopto to create videos

If you are using Panopto as an assessment tool, then it is very helpful to students if you can share with them the student guides or even the educator guides on how to use Panopto to record and edit videos.

What resources and services are available to students

Here are some useful resources that you can share with students to help them in using Panopto more effectively.

Video assignments

This Library guide provides students with instructions on how to submit and upload a video into Panopto and how to record with Panopto.

Recording group presentations using Zoom (uploading with Panopto)

This guide provides students with instructions on how to use Zoom for a group presentation video and upload it to Panopto.

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