Use FLUX polling

FLUX is a quick and simple to use polling tool. Creating a poll takes only minutes and question types include multiple choice and word cloud. You can also share and reuse your poll within seconds. FLUX has many benefits for both staff and students:

  • Simple set up
  • Increases student engagement through rich media polls, word clouds and free text response questions
  • Encourages a synthesis of ideas, deeper reflection, and critical thinking in students
  • Students can post questions for further clarification, allowing staff to address issues as they arise, or even after class with easy to use moderation tools that keep you in control throughout
  • Use the same question set for in-class, live-streaming and recorded lectures
  • Easily share with peers to deliver consistent learning experience across multiple classes. Results can then be aggregated together and exported for easy marking
  • Works on any web-enabled device meaning students can quickly engage and provide real time insights and feedback

Watch this video to learn more

For more support, see the FLUX support guides.

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