Monitor Q&A and discussions

The Discussions panel is one way to both encourage and monitor student questions, responses, or other relevant comments in the classroom. Any posts made in the classroom also appear in the Q&A tab for the course. The discussion panel can be open and closed with the discussion icon (two speech bubbles).

New questions can be created by clicking discussion + icon the or the New Question button in the open discussion panel.

Questions can be pinned to a certain time in the video, or slide if a presentation has been added. Students can choose to post anonymously. They will appear anonymously to other students but still be visible to the lecturer.

Once a question has been posted, clicking on it allows you to respond with the Respond to this question button. The number of responses are indicated by the small number beside the speech bubble. A question can also receive ‘likes’ by clicking on the thumbs up icon.

As lecturer, you can choose to delete any inappropriate questions or responses.

Note: Deleting questions also deletes any responses posted to the question.