Add the MS Team block

The MS Teams block in Moodle lets you create and manage a team in Microsoft Teams. This guide explains how to add the block to your Moodle unit, and use it to create, archive and delete your team.

  1. Turn editing on in your Moodle unit.
  2. Open the Navigation Drawer on the left and scroll down and click the Add a Block button.
  3. Select Microsoft Teams from the block options.
  4. Your Microsoft Teams block will now be visible with other blocks on the right side of your Moodle unit.

Create a team in Microsoft Teams

  1. Click the Create team button in your Microsoft Teams block
  2. This will create a team in Microsoft Teams for your Moodle unit. It will have the same name as your unit and all students will automatically be added to your team in a member role. All lecturers and tutors in your Moodle unit will be added to the team in an owner role.
  3. While your request to create a team is processing, you will see the following message.
    Your request to create a team is currently being processed. You will see a link to your team once it has been created successfully
  4. When your team is available, the block will look similar to the image below. You and your students can now use the link with the name of your unit to go to your team in Microsoft Teams.

Archive or delete your team

You may decide that you no longer wish for people to add content to your team in the form of files or posts but you still want to be able to view it. Archiving the team will put it into ‘read-only’ mode.

  1. Click Archive team to archive. Once a team has been archived, you will have the option to Unarchive or Delete your team.
  2. You can click:
    • Unarchive team to reactivate your team
    • Delete team to delete your team

    NOTE: Deleting your team is permanent and deletes it for all members. All content and conversations will be lost if you delete your team and can not be restored.
  3. You will be asked if you are sure you would like to delete your team.
  4. Click Yes and your team will be deleted permanently.

  5. Once your team has been deleted, you will have the option to create a new team with the same name.