Supporting your students

There are a number of ways that you can support your students with MS Teams, whether it is on how to communicate through teams, how to set up a study group, how to share files and collaborate. Below are a few different resources for yourself to review as well as resources that you can share with your students.

How to support your students

MS Teams provides an all-in-one hub for the collaborative classroom. Educators can monitor usage and collaboration quality. Given, MS Teams is utilised for business communications, teaching students how to use the technology gives them practical industry skills to improve employability.

What resources and services are available to students

Support your students by providing links to these resources on your Moodle page before expecting students to access the technology.

Getting started with Teams

This library guide details the basic knowledge required for students to start accessing and using MS Teams.

The Apps bar

Optimise students' use of MS Teams through the efficient use of the Apps bar. This library guide explains the functions of all the apps displayed in the bar.

Using Teams for study groups

Even if you don’t utilise MS Teams for your unit, students may want to create their own Team for a study group.  Share this resource with your students to provide the means for a collaborate online space.

Communicating in Teams

There are several ways of communicating with peers and facilitators across different teams/groups. This guide provides instruction on how to chat in private groups, meetings, and through video.

Files in Teams

To collaborate effectively, students should house shared resources in Teams. This guide explains how to share files, tabs, and the Google drive.

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