Create a Turnitin Draft Submission

  1. In the section or topic where you would like to create a Turnitin assignment, click Add an activity or resource.
  2. Select Turnitin Draft Submission.
  3. In the General section:
    1. Give your assignment a name and description.
    2. Select the Submission Type: 
      1. File Upload(default): Enables students to upload files of the following type: Microsoft Word (doc, docx, rtf, html), PDF (pdf), Plain Text (txt).
      2. Text Submission - enables students to copy and paste plain text into a text area for upload to Turnitin.
    3. If required, select the Number of Parts for your assignment.
    4. Select Yes for Display similarity reports to Students.
  4. In the Assignment section, select a Start date, Due date and Post date for your assignment.
  5. In the similarity report Options section:
    1. In Reports Generation Speed, select Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date) to give  students a chance to revise their submissions based on the results of the text-matching report.

      Note: the similarity report is usually generated within a half hour of submission.

    2. In Store Student Papers, the default setting is set to No Repository (do not store student papers). This will prevent the student submission from being counted twice, if you intend to use both Draft and Integrated Turnitin assignments for one assessment.
  6. Once complete, click Save and display.

Once a Turnitin assignment has been created, you'll see the Turnitin Submission Inbox page.

  1. Clicking on the settings cog in the top right corner will take you to the initial Turnitin assignment set up settings page.
  2. You can use the Pencil icon to edit the Assignment name, Start Date, Due Date and Post Date.
  3. With the icons in the Export field, you can export a report in Excel, Adobe PDF or original format.
  4. Below the Assignment summary, you'll see a list of enrolled students:
    1. Click on the Submission Title beside a student's name to view the similarity report.
    2. Download, refresh the report or delete a student's submission with the icons on the right hand side of the student's name.
    3. Click on the Upload Cloud icon to submit the student's assignment on their behalf.
    4. Any assignments submitted should automatically be processed by Turnitin for text-matching. If for any reason the assignment has not been automatically processed, click the link Submit to Turnitin in the Submitted column.